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v4.82(17/June/2010) [1.13MB] - Freeware
A multimedia player with lots and lots of options, and a video player that does not spy on your or send any data back on what you play as almost ALL others do. It is freeware, please consider purchasing to support future enhancements if you like it and use it.

Download MoviePlay Screen Saver

Movieplay Screen Saver (Mpss)
v2.103(17/June/2010) [4.43MB] - Freeware
A magic little program. A screen saver that plays video playlist of files, lots of filetypes supported, lots of options, multiple monitors supported, exclusive ping-pong mode and more... It is freeware, but please purchase to support future enhancements if you like it and use it.

NOTE: This screen saver cannot be used in a commercial environment, it is for home use only. For commercial use please contact me. Email address is on the main page of this web site. If you wish to assist in its production or enhancement send any spare funds contact me for details.

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